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There are 100 different colors of glass tiles in this 100 ft. wall. Most every tile was placed one at a time. The tile installation started Oct. 2011 taking over 3 seasons to complete.

The first 4 designs began by making Paper patterns of the vertical spaces so we could work through the winter months. Designs were drawn onto the paper patterns and tiles were easily arranged on the paper. Large sheets of clear tape were placed over the top of the finished designs to keep the tiles in place for transport. Later these were installed as sheets of tile but as the tape was pulled off, many tiles came with it...a partial success! From this point all the designs were drawn with chalk directly on the concrete spaces, placing tiles one by one. 

All the mosaic designs have a symbol that represents something from the historic event. For example, the "Saw Mill Closes" has the tepee burner and railroad tracks. Some designs are more literal, some are more abstract.

The top of the wall is the river of time running through each event picking up the nuances of each time period, sometimes mingling easy transitions and other times with abrupt changes using contrasting colors.

The installation of the tile designs could not have been such a great success without the talent and hours of work from contributing artists and volunteers.

Many thanks to everyone! 

"The Centennial project was
a collaborative effort of many people with the desire to express their personal connection to a distinctive place in a magnificent landscape. 

The project pays homage to the colorful individuals from the past who helped shape the identity of  McCall and with much hope, encourages future generations to continue to build  an exceptional community for the next 100 years." Debra Facchin 

2010-Kelly's Memorial Whitewater Park Visitor Center, Cascade ID

2007-Park Plaza Commercial/Residencial Building, McCall, ID
2016 Sturiale Place Mural, Boise Idaho- View History/Artist's Work at,

The Sturiale Place, originally known as The Woods House, was first located on South 5th Street in Boise’s Central Addition, formally one of Boise’s most prominent neighborhoods. Built between 1893 and 1899 and surrounded by apple orchards. In 1905 owner Mary F. Wood became the first librarian of the new Boise Carnegie Library.  

The Woods House is one of four historic houses that were saved by Preservation Idaho, celebrated with a Central Addition Send-off Event May 5, 2015. It’s Queen Anne architectural style is characterized by its irregularity, with a variety of window treatments, multiple steep roofs, porches, and bay windows. 

2011-14-McCall, ID Centennial Timeline 
Great Blue Heading Home

Through the collaboration of Preservation Idaho, developer Local Construct, Western States Movers, and owner Rita Sturiale, the historic Victorian home has been relocated to 1501 W. Jefferson Street, where it begins a new future as an antique shop and specialty café known as The Sturiale Place.