Birds have long been an inspiration in my work, they represent power, freedom and adaptability. I am fascinated by their folklore and ancient history and that they occupy both the land and the air.

My work is created using plaster on wood, paper, and canvas. I use a commercial wall plaster product to create silhouetted images adding layers of drawing, text, and mixed media. 

Connecting to nature is important to me. I want my images to tell a story that reflect familiar impressions about everyday life along side a deeper investigation of metaphoric relationships between nature, civilizations and the pursuit of identity.

I received my Masters of Fine Arts Degree in painting, drawing and design and a K-12 art certification from the University of Idaho.
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Stand Tall, Plaster on paper, 
Plexi Box Frame 27 x 51
Raven Girl, Plaster on hard board, 48 x 48 SOLD.
Just Another Workday-check your pace, Plaster on hardboard, mixed media, 11 x 16 Stainless & Walnut.
Just Another Workday-easy landing, Plaster on hardboard, mixed media
11 x 16 Stainless & Walnut, SOLD
Reaching West, Plaster on canvas, mixed media, 12 x 16 Stainless & Walnut Frame.
Guardian Veiled, Acrylic on paper, 6 x 6, Framed.
Watchful Eye, Acrylic on paper, 6 x 6, Framed.
Guardian Revealed, Acrylic on paper, 6 x 6, Framed.